「 Google 備份與同步處理( Backup and Sync from Google )」桌面軟件統整了整部電腦、 Google…

「 Google 備份與同步處理( Backup and Sync from Google )」桌面軟件統整了整部電腦、 Google Drive、 Google 相簿的備份與同步,對一般消費者用家絕對是好消息。

要留意的是 G Suite for Education 方面,仍未自動生效,因為 Google 建議 G Suite 客戶繼續使用 Drive for Mac / PC,直到她們新的以企業為中心的終極解決方案 Drive File Stream 可允許用戶可以存取公司的數據而不佔用其硬碟空間。

//Backup and Sync is primarily intended for consumer users. We recommend that our G Suite customers continue to use Drive for Mac/PC until our new enterprise-focused solution, Drive File Stream (currently in EAP), is made generally available to all G Suite Basic, Business, Enterprise, Education, and Nonprofit domains later this year. Drive File Stream will allow users to access huge corporate data sets without taking up the equivalent space on their hard drives.//

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