Google 教學系列 (56) – 停課不停學心法 (十二) – [支援全球老師 x 6] Google Hangouts Meet 限時升級企業版! – 250人、可錄影

1. iGardener 老師好康第六炮

iGardener 老師學校使用 Google Suite for Education 逾十年,今次香港第三次延長停課(6/2 ⏩ 16/3 ⏩ 復活假期)後,雖然很多本地老師(包括不少 Google Trainers) 都瘋狂推介 Zoom 網上直播方案,學校仍是堅持採用 Google Hangouts Meet。

iGardener 老師今年一月末以來,深耕細作,周圍搜羅適合香港老師的網上教學工具(尤其結合 Google Classroom 的),「一有正嘢」便急不及待在此撰文和華文教育同工分享,例如:

  1. 2020-02-10 Screencastify Unlimited 限時免費升級
  2. 2020-02-11 Edpuzzle Pro School 限時免費升級 (鳴謝 Brian 老師分享)
  3. 2020-02-14 (只限zoom 中國版) 限時免費不限40分鐘
  4. 2020-02-19 Kami Premium 限時免費免費升級
  5. 2020-02-26 Peardeck 網上互動課堂神器限時免費升級(今天,鳴謝Google Taiwan Sophie 姐姐分享)

今天,iGarden 呈獻老師的第六炮了!而且是重炮!

是 Google Hangouts Meet !

2. Google 限時免費升級 Hangouts Meet 可錄影 + 250 人會議

Google Cloud 幾小時前宣佈,從本週開始至 2020-07-01,Google 將開始向全球所有 Google Suite 和 Google Suite for Education 機構免費提供企業版 (Enterprise) 的 Hangout Meets 功能,包括:

  • 2.5 倍的的會議人數,由100人 -> 250人
  • 實時串流直播 (live streaming) 最多 100,000 個觀眾
  • 可錄影會議,並儲存到會議主持的 Google Drive

iGardener 老師兩周前已經搶先測試 Google Suite for Education 企業版,親身感受到 Hangout Meets 錄影功能對網上教學的方便。

完成了今早的網上課堂,稍後將和同工使用 Hangout Meets 錄影課堂的教學秘技。


We are just a call / e-mail / text or a prayer away!

謹祝 臺港教育同仁身體健康、思路敏捷、守望相助!

Speedy recovery 世界!

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  1. Thanks for your further information.
    I tried “share screen” in iPad Meet myelf, it went quite smooth.
    I imported PDf into Goodnotes and annotated on it without any problem.
    Hope it’s not a hardware issue.
    Happy “Meet”-ing!
    Just be curious, why not “zoom” like the whole world are embracing?

  2. Thank you for your reply.
    This phenomenon came occasionally. My colleagues and I met several times

    1. Yes, I used iPad to open Meet apps
    2. I used the “Books” to open pdf
    3. Yes. I used the Meet built in features “Present Screen” to broadcast the pdf.

    For number 2, my colleague used Adobe to open pdf.

    Thank you very much

  3. 1. used iOS Meet apps?
    2. which apps did you open your PDF file?
    3. used the feature “share screen” in Meet iOS apps to “broadcast” your pdf file?

  4. Use iPad to broadcasting a pdf file, receive the message”live broadcast to Meet has stopped due to : attempted to start an invalid broadcast session”

  5. hangouts meet share screen 係冇聲案,亦不適合播片;我曾經用 iPad Meet share screen 用 goodnotes,無你講嘅彈 apps 。

  6. 請問hangouts meet share screen 時播片係咪會冇聲?另試過用iPad share screen,用goodnotes, 佢幾分鐘就彈出show 唔到, 請問可以怎解決?

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